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Breast Surgery

Thank you for visiting our Breast Augmentation Surgery patient introductory page. Your consideration of Breast Augmentation surgery to enhance your physical appearance is taken very seriously and your time is valued while conducing research about the different types of breast augmentation surgery, reviewing before and after photos and learning more about the different breast implant options available to fit your every need. Whether you’re getting breast augmentation to correct developmental problems, breast augmentation, breast reductions, revisions or simply to enhance your looks.

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Click through each Dr.’s before and after gallery links provided below and navigate to other pages within our site that provide more detailed information about every type of breast augmentation surgery to you, today. As you may already know or have already heard if you were referred to the Pinsky & Lickstein practice; Dr. Pinsky and Dr. Lickstein are two of nations top breast augmentation surgeons according to peers and the hundreds of happy patients who’ve taken time to provide hand written testimonials and website submitted testimonials from patients after receiving their breast augmentation surgery.

General Information About Breast Augmentation Surgery

As a woman ages, loss of skin elasticity, weight fluctuation, pregnancy and breast feeding all affect the shape and size of her breasts. Some women find that their breasts never developed to the size they desire. Others may feel their breasts sag or are out of proportion for their figure. They may experience physical discomfort from breasts that are too large. Women may decide to undergo plastic surgery to enlarge or reduce their breasts, to achieve a balance in size or shape for their breasts, or to reconstruct one or both breasts after mastectomy. Dr. Pinsky and Dr. Lickstein offer the full range of breast procedures to their patients. During your consultation, they will carefully listen to your concerns and help formulate a surgical plan to achieve your desired outcome.

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