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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

At Pinsky & Lickstein Plastic Surgery, we prioritize the patient experience from initial consultation to complete aftercare. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, a keen sense of artistry, and extensive experience, we endeavor to achieve exceptional results that enhance both the body and the mind.

Searching for the right doctor to perform your procedure? Dr. Pinsky & Lickstein are both

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Steps to Finding the Right Surgeon

David A. Lickstein, MD, FACS

Dr. Lickstein has developed a distinguished reputation for his beautiful results and accommodating manner. He has been featured in local media for “mommy makeovers” and state-of-the-art breast reconstruction for cancer patients.

Mark A. Pinsky, MD

Dr. Pinsky is considered to be one of the most skilled breast augmentation surgeons in the country. He specializes in breast enhancement for developmental problems, revisions, and complex cases with an emphasis on natural-looking results.

No Surgery, No Downtime

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My experience was wonderful. Dr. Lickstein and his staff were incredibly knowledgeable and kind. My results were amazing and four years later I am still thrilled with the way I look. I would highly recommend Dr. Lickstein.


I am so excited that I had breast surgery. It has boosted my self confidence and my self esteem. I feel sexy for the first time in my life and I am 47 years old. This has been life changing in an amazing way!


To the Doctor and Staff, Thank you for all your caring efforts during my surgery! You made me so relaxed! The outcome is great! 100% success! I can’t thank you enough! Sincerely, God Bless


I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your kindness, patience, and the special treatment I feel that you had given me during my breast reconstruction. I feel very fortunate…


Over 90% of Our New Clientele is Referral Based

We recognize that cosmetic surgery affects more than the body alone. Our comprehensive approach to every aesthetic enhancement procedure, from a simple in-office treatment to a full-body transformation, means every patient receives the same consideration and respect regardless of their goals. As a result of our focus on the individual, our clients repeatedly return to our practice as well as share their positive experiences with others. We are grateful for their loyalty and endeavor to continue to provide the highest level of care.
Our dedicated team believes that complete patient satisfaction includes the experience before, during, and after surgery. Our plastic surgeons are extensively trained in the latest technologies and most advanced techniques, and they employ a multidisciplinary approach that balances medical expertise, individual goals, and artistic discernment to help achieve the best possible outcome. By perceiving the nuances of every treatment, we hope to elevate the cosmetic enhancement experience beyond the ordinary.

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